Thursday, November 02, 2006

Moving to Northern California!

Well after almost 9 months of searching for a new job my DH was just offered one! In Northern California....just outside of San Francisco!!! Being a 49'r fan for years and years I'm I just love the idea of cooler weather in general. Growing up in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia....I'm used to rain....and now after 20 years in So Cal...I'm used to sun.....No Cal should be a nice marriage of both. The job includes a large 2 bedroom 1.5 bath condo style apt and after 9 mo of scraping by... a great salary!!! God has been so good to us!!! Can hardly wait to go shopping in my new locale! Woohooo! New art supplies (can one ever have enough hehehehe) I hear there are some great recycle centers in the East Bay and boy will I look forward to checking those out. I already have play dates set up with artists I have met online. And a friend and neighbor of mine here in West Hollywood (Kelly Kilmer) comes north about once every couple of months to teach in the area. So Danville and Stampers' I come! I may be offline a couple of days to move....but I'll be posting some art I've been working on just as soon as I'm hooked up!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fall is here!!!! wooohooo cooler weather!

and I'm back to listing on that the temps have dropped a least this here are my latest listings and here are the links to them.....
and here is the other

I hope you'll check them out....and make a bid....they're priced low to sell quickly! Thanks for looking! and shine on Harvest Moon! I hope it inspires you to do some art!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Round Robins and what I've been up to....

These are a couple of pages from the Orange and Pink Journal that I finished recently for a Round Robin Collaborative Project that I'm in. I just loved working with these colors again....I first worked with them with Michelle Ward at True Colors Exposed a workshop where many of the original TC's artists taught classes at the ARt Bar in Santa ANa! I have been struggling with a large shot of Creative Block....which I am going to work on by making myself work on something anything everyday for the next 2 other words til Oct 15. In the past it was all I could do to NOT work on art every day....but lately I just haven't been feeling artistic....and when I have....I haven't liked what I've done. So I'm going to try to do at least one ATC and something else each day....choosing a different color combo each time....I will post what I make...or at least some of what I make....hopefully I'll get inspired....soon!!! I am also going to set up an Etsy shop to see how I can do in that forum. Well here goes.....and here's to all of us having an artful and inspired fall!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

A visit to the Art Bar with friends....

I spent all day Saturday with some dear friends that I met online...The So Cal girls get together from time to time and gather at someone's house or a the Art Bar in Santa Ana. This time we met up at the ARt Bar and Beth had some of the No Cal girls staying with her and Jen who lives in Riverside also drove out...and had a fabulous time! We laughed, we sang, we ate chocolate, we giggled and all the while we were making art! What a fabulous group of girls.. my chixes are! Then we went to the city of Orange and had a wonderful time at Tu Tu Tango...there was a belly dancer, a psychic and a balloon guy! Jen went home with a humoungous Pirate balloon character! The balloon guy was on America's Got Talent last week...the guy inside the giant pink balloon...Anyway the food was wonderful and when Tally and Tanya danced with the belly dancers...welll there are no words to describe!!!!! I can't wait til our next get together!

Friday, June 23, 2006

What I've been up to...

I recently joined up with a group of Christian Artists who have joined together to create travel art! Each member has chosen a traveler ( a person or animal) to take virtual trips around the world. Each month, we will choose a scripture to accompany our travelers on their adventures! We will post our creations around the 15th of each month. Just type ARTJ in your search to see what this talented group of women have created! Collect all of one traveler's journeys or collect a variety! This month I'm posting a little earlier than the 15th because I was a little late at getting started and missed the first month's I'm going to try to catch up....