Thursday, November 02, 2006

Moving to Northern California!

Well after almost 9 months of searching for a new job my DH was just offered one! In Northern California....just outside of San Francisco!!! Being a 49'r fan for years and years I'm I just love the idea of cooler weather in general. Growing up in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia....I'm used to rain....and now after 20 years in So Cal...I'm used to sun.....No Cal should be a nice marriage of both. The job includes a large 2 bedroom 1.5 bath condo style apt and after 9 mo of scraping by... a great salary!!! God has been so good to us!!! Can hardly wait to go shopping in my new locale! Woohooo! New art supplies (can one ever have enough hehehehe) I hear there are some great recycle centers in the East Bay and boy will I look forward to checking those out. I already have play dates set up with artists I have met online. And a friend and neighbor of mine here in West Hollywood (Kelly Kilmer) comes north about once every couple of months to teach in the area. So Danville and Stampers' I come! I may be offline a couple of days to move....but I'll be posting some art I've been working on just as soon as I'm hooked up!